Offshore site survey


Order an offshore site survey; we will assess your site in detail for the best way to apply OTEC.

The net result will be a detailed presentation with an ‘action plan’ so that you can know that you have exercise due diligence and that you know exactly what we plan to do.




What’s included?

One site visit.  We will survey the area and look for the most obvious way to apply our technology. With your help, we can find the best solution and provide a report so you can know exactly what we plan to do.
Met ocean analysis; providing in-depth data for storms, currents, and topography with a simulated integration with our technology.  From the results, we can derive an installation solution according to industry best practices.
Questionnaire Including Your power usage and cost – Your local knowledge – Local Laws – Site photos – etc.
Basic physical analysis of the area.  Reef or sandy bottom?  River estuary or lagoon? Waves? Currents? etc.
Research into local law and policy.
Neighbour discount questionnaire; do you have a neighbour you can share costs with? Scaling up the transmission in particular by even a small amount can massively reduce the relative cost of laying cables.
Have you any interest in partnering with a CO2 and thermal offsetting project? If so you can share the cost and risk of installation and maintenance.

All this information can be written up for your records so that you can show you have exercised due diligence; we will have built a relationship with you such that you can be confident of the next stage of the project succeeding.


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