Sea water air conditioning (SWAC)

Using locally sourced deep sea cold water to cool buildings.

SWAC uses 90% less electricity than traditional AC.

SWAC can be used at remote sites and in Towns and Cities.

Large diameter hoses can provide enough cold-water for phenomenal quantities of cooling.

As much as 100,000 homes or more is possible with just one pair of hoses.

Sea water air conditioning can use traditional ducting.

Once the air is cooled, you can add new ducting and control systems, or send the air into an existing AC ducting system.

We can help with design, purchase or fabrication of parts, and with installation.

Pipe Installation costs are the one and only problem with traditional SWAC.

Our new method of delivering the Deep-sea-cold-water can radically change the cost of SWAC.

What are the advantages?

24-7 clean energy – with no fuel cost.

Off-the-shelf parts.

SWAC is truly potent at saving electricity.

One pair of 30 cm hoses and a turbo-pump, is able to provide up to and over 1 MW of cooling.

What am I buying?

At least one heat exchanger.

At least one pair of hoses and couplings.

Hose protectors / insulation covers for smaller hoses.

A Turbo-pump.

Sea water pumps.


An optional installation service.

An optional operation and maintenance service.


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