Sea water air conditioning

Using locally sourced deep sea cold water to cool buildings.

SWAC uses 90% less electricity than traditional AC.

Sea water air conditioning

The use of hoses reduces installation costs by a factor of at least ten!

Installation costs are the one and only problem with traditional SWAC.

What are the advantages?

24-7 clean energy – with no fuel cost.

No new space required.

Off the shelf parts.

Just 2 m2 land space, for the heat exchanger.

SWAC is truly potent at saving energy.

One pair of 30 cm hoses and a turbo-pump, is able to provide up to and over 1 MW of cooling.

1 MW is enough for most resorts and hotels.

What am I buying?

At least one heat exchanger.


At least one pair of hoses, and ‘mender’ couplings.

Hose protectors / insulation covers for smaller hoses.

A Turbo-pump.

Sea water pumps.

An installation service.

An optional operation and maintenance service.

Eligibility check - just £450! ($640)

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