We can design and build a plant, according to your requirements.

Design specifications and 3D CAD models can be made available on request with a signed non disclosure agreement.

Let us show you what we can do! 

The World's first OTEC system that's affordable on a small scale.

Traditional Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is proven to work, it’s just renewable organic Rankine cycle.

Traditional OTEC could have been made to work 100 years ago, in fact most if not all the parts can come from well-known public companies.

Traditional OTEC is expensive so it is not competitively priced on small or even large scales, furthermore, larger scale projects have feasibility problems.

New-otec means a new cold-water delivery system, and a new lower cost.

Now the promise of 24-7 clean power throughout the tropics and beyond can become a reality.

Constant clean power with a low space requirement.

OTEC power generation is organic Rankine cycle with a low, but naturally occurring temperature difference.

Now that we have a low-cost cold-water delivery system, we do not need to scale up to be cost effective.

That means a reasonably sized plant that is also a reasonable investment.

Lower costs mean that sites further away from the cold-water source, 10 km or more, are now feasibly in range.

Do you have space problems which make the use of solar PV difficult?

OTEC uses larger than normal heat exchangers but the space required is 1000 times less than solar PV!

Most if not all the parts can come from well known public listed companies.


Hoses can be installed in 1-day by a small team.

Hoses can be retrieved just as easily.

Due to the lower actual cost and associated cost of hoses, it is far easier to benefit from economy of scale.

Additional heat can lower the plant cost per kw dramatically.

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