Are you looking for constant power that doesn't cost the Earth?


Do you need sustainable electricity, water, and air conditioning? 

Would you like it 24-7 with no recurring fuel cost?

Are you looking for the best economic and spatial efficiency available? 

Recent innovations mean that we can now offer these benefits to a greater number of end users than was ever possible before.

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Do you want a source of clean power with a low space requirement?

OTEC uses the well known organic Rankine cycle.

Warm and cold sea water are used as a renewable heat source.

OTEC is 1000 times more space-efficient than solar PV and 5 times more productive per day. 

Do you have a useable heat source?

OTEC uses sea water but can use additional heat too.

Any available heat source can boost the power of OTEC tremendously. 

OTEC and ORC systems in general can now work inside or outside of the tropics with extremely high efficiency. 

Use of sea water first can mean the best possible ratio of net power to Kw of additional heat used.


Would you like 90% savings on electricity when compared with normal AC?

Constant 'free-cooling' 24-7!


Imagine using locally sourced water to provide cooling to all of your buildings.

Would it interest you to know that cold water can be used to cool air, replacing traditional AC?

We can connect your existing AC system to the new source of cool air or add ducting to wherever you want cooling. 

Can you let us help you save 90% on your AC electricity use? 

If you have a moment then can we help you find out if you are eligible, and if so, then how much we can help you can save?


Offset Co2 and produce power with one system!

Deep-ocean-water can convert Co2 and provide 24-7 clean power! 


Are you ready to help save the World? 

We are looking for early adopters.

All of the technology is proven in one application or another. 

There are loads of ways that use of the technology can be incentivised.

There can be no better time to take it on. 

If you are at all interested to make use of the technology now, then can you please get in touch? 



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