Sea water air conditioning -

Retail prices start at £50,000 - ($72,000) for 100 kw of cooling.
30% deposit.

What are the advantages?

24-7 clean energy – with no fuel cost.

No new space required.

Off the shelf parts.

Just 2 m2 land space, for the heat exchanger.

SWAC is truly potent at saving energy.

One pair of 30 cm hoses and a turbo-pump, is able to provide up to and over 1 MW of cooling.

1 MW is sufficient for most resorts and hotels.

Fire and forget…

Sign a lease agreement and all you will have to do is watch your cash flow.

You’ll be saving money, so you can look on with delight.

Buy or lease now.

Stay ahead of the game and avoid long waiting lists.

Buy for £500- ($700) per kw – Lease for £1000 ($1400) per kw per year.

Leases come with a thorough O and M service including routine maintenance, and local staff with ‘next day’ repair service.

What am I buying?

A heat exchanger.


At least one pair of 150-300 mm hoses, and couplings.

Hose protectors / insulation covers for smaller hoses.

A Turbo-pump.

Sea water pumps.

An installation service.

An optional operation and maintenance service.

Eligibility check - just £450! ($640)

We are ready for your order;

Love thy neighbour!

Substantial discounts available on leases for 1 plus neighbouring sites.

If you can ‘sign up’ with your neighbour to NEW-SWAC or NEW-OTEC then you will benefit from massive discounts on leases.

O and M costs are inevitable; signing up with your neighbour to spread base-line service expenses will result in significant service discounts and enhanced project feasibility.


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