The first, small scale, low cost OTEC system.

Our recent turbo-pump and hose innovation lets us offer an extremely competitive source of 24-7 clean energy because we can lower the cost of delivering the deep sea cold water.
Hoses are laid to shore in hours, not days or months, and hoses can be stored in a small area. The net result is a relatively insignificant installation cost.
OTEC uses off the shelf parts, these can be readily purchased, and are commonly used in power generation industries including oil, gas, and coal.
A single unit will be very similar in size and appearance to the yellow skid mounted heat exchangers shown throughout the site.

What are the advantages?

 Low space requirements; just 5 m2 compared with 5 acers of solar PV.

 24-7 operation with no fuel cost grants fantastic energy economy, a must have for any suitable site. 

Clean, proven, and reliable technology which can offer significant savings.

Heat exchangers are robust with operating lifetimes of 30 years.

Only simple maintenance requirements are required on a few small parts.

All parts are low cost, small and mass produced.  

Fire and forget.

Sign a lease agreement and risk nothing until the system is working for you.

What am I buying?

One pair of heat exchangers.

One turbine, alternator, and casing.

One pair of hoses, and couplings.

Hose protectors.

One turbo-pump.

Sea water pumps.

An installation service.  

An optional operation and maintenance service. 

Is my site eligible?

For £450, ($640) we will conduct a thorough assessment of your site.

What is the planning cost?

For £5000 ($7100) we will create a detailed site specific action plan.

This will include a site visit.  Get this done to avoid disappointment or long waiting times.


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