Multi-MW single turbo-generator OTEC

If you have a big budget then use of at least one large turbo-expander-generator may suit you.
Here we can work with some of the World’s largest listed companies to provide Megawatts to tens of Megawatts of net power with just one single turbo-expander-generator.
These machines are state of the art and are proven to be reliable and very efficient both in terms of running efficiency and in terms of operation and maintenance.
So long as you have a high power requirement and a big budget these machines are a very attractive option.

Use of these large turbo-expanders renders the power-generation system ‘bankable’ and turn-key.
Payback times once over 1 MW net power are only 1-2 years.
Utilities and other power related companies are familiar with these machines so use of them is second nature already.

Addition of heat from heat sources other than seawater can mean that OTEC can work outside of the tropics including high value areas like the Mediterranean, and the mainland USA.
Due to the new lower cost of cold-water delivery, this is a never-before-seen opportunity for industrial scale clean-power generation.


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