Our Products.

Our products are destined to lower the cost of OTEC and SWAC on both small and large scales.

Hoses are inherently cheaper than pipes and they are easier to use.

Thus, we are offering the possibility of constant clean power with no fuel cost across a never-before-seen range of scales.

Our Value Proposition.

Oil and gas prices with no oil or gas!

Oil and gas are the cheapest sources of energy.  Because we use similar technology, we can offer energy at oil and gas prices only with no Oil and Gas fuel cost.

Therefore, what we are offering is actually cheaper than oil and gas.

At last, something that is actually cheaper than oil and gas!

Now that we can deliver water for less than six figures on a commercial scale, OTEC is genuinely affordable.

New-otec can be one of the cheapest sources of energy in the World even on small scales.

Value for small scale end users.

Clean conscience

Our products are 100% clean they have no emissions, and the water is just water, and its temperature and nutrient content can be managed cost-effectively.

Higher profits

With no fuel cost and a low initial capital cost, end users can expect higher profits.

Hydrogen export 

If you are lucky enough to own a suitable site, you could produce hydrogen and sell it.

Gain in land value 

Low energy cost?  High profits?  30-year anticipated lifetimes?  Hydrogen production?  Your site must be worth a fortune!

Larger scale end users.

No expensive imports

Imagine producing enough power for an entire small island nation with just one, environmentally benign, low-cost system that has no recurring fuel cost.

Hydrogen export

What’s more?  As the Hydrogen economy grows, SIDS. may find that they have the potential to be the next generation’s ‘Oil states’.

Storm damage 

Unlike other sources where entire sites have been ‘written-off’ by storms, it is unlikely our products will be damaged in Hurricanes. The main parts are highly robust and what with the low volume of the equipment in vulnerable areas the cost of protecting or replacing it can be expected to be low.

Truly, great benefit may be found for all with NEW-OTEC.

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