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Commercial scale clean energy solutions for the tropics and beyond.

We can offer 100 % clean electricity, water, and air conditioning, 24,7.

You can offset Co2 and nourish the Ocean with the same processes.

Oil and gas prices with no oil or gas!

Because we use similar technology to oil and gas, equipment costs are low, and there is nothing new to develop.

Since there is no recurring fuel cost our products are cheaper than oil and gas, are clean, and have the same low space requirement.

Value for small scale end users

Clean conscience

Our products are 100% clean they have no emissions, and the water is just water.

Carbon negative waste! 

The waste from our systems is potentially carbon negative.

You can offset Co2.

Just 2 litres per second of cold water can offset more Co2 than a tree can in 100 years.

Higher profits

With no fuel cost and a low initial capital cost, end users can expect higher profits.

Local Electricity Production 

If you have a suitable site, maybe your neighbour doesn’t, you could sell power to them or even become a local utility!

Hydrogen export 

If you are lucky enough to own a suitable site, you could produce hydrogen and sell it.

Gain in land value 

What with the new benefits, land owners can expect a boost in land value.

Larger scale end users

No expensive imports

Imagine producing enough power for an entire small island nation with just one, environmentally benign, low-cost system that has no recurring fuel cost, and operating lifetimes of up to 30 years.

Hydrogen export

What’s more?  As the Hydrogen economy grows, SIDS. may find that they have the potential to be the next generation’s ‘Oil states’.

Storm damage 

Unlike other sources where entire sites have been ‘written-off’ by storms, it is unlikely our products will be damaged in Hurricanes.

The main parts are robust and what with the low volume of the equipment in vulnerable areas the cost of protecting or replacing it can be expected to be low.

Please use the top menu to learn more about the OTEC and SWAC products we have for sale.

Waste heat and additional heat can ease the energy transition

Our products can mate with exiting or new sources of heat including diesel generators.
This can mean lower costs and a gradual shift from dirty to clean energy use.
Sites can make more energy for less, rather than replace existing infrastructure.



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