The World’s first, small-scale, competitively priced, OTEC system.


Suitable for remote sites where onshore developments are not possible.

This Single Offshore Unit is ground-breaking when it comes to cost, scale, and feasibility. 

This single unit requires no offshore platform of any kind and is therefore suitable for boats as well as for locations where the distance to shore is too high for an onshore unit.   This is a ‘never seen before’ opportunity for static sites and for moving vessels.

Single offshore units can be astonishingly powerful.  Without the restraints of land-based sites, and with heat exchangers being able to come in 15 meter lengths, power ratings of 20 MW or more are possible.

Did you know…?

Most if not all the parts of an OTEC unit come off the shelf?

OTEC is not new, and uses the Organic Rankine Cycle which is actually very common.

The only thing that’s unusual is the natural occurrence of the warm and cold water.


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