The World’s first small-scale, low-cost OTEC system.

A small scale, affordable OTEC unit, suitable for remote sites where onshore developments are not possible.

This Single Offshore Unit is groundbreaking when it comes to cost, scale, and feasibility.

The great advantage for these Offshore units is that they only require 750-1000 meters of hose because the hose is held vertically.  Therefore, this kind of unit has the lowest possible size and is the most manageable physically.  As a result there is no simpler way to arrange an OTEC system than the Offshore OTEC unit.

The unit can be held underwater where wave forces are lower or they can be held at the sea-surface.

What am I buying?

A warm and cold heat exchanger system.

One turbine, alternator, and casing.

One pair of 600 mm hoses, and couplings.

One turbo-pump.

A transmission system to shore.

A mooring system.

An optional operation and maintenance service.

What are some of the advantages of using this small unit ‘offshore’?

No land required.

Units can be used alongside Boats and Offshore platforms.

24-7 clean energy – no fuel cost.

High chance of site eligibility.

Shorter hose lengths.

Unlikely to be damaged in storms due to the submerged location.

Very low environmental impact.

These units can actually reduce C02 levels.

Each unit is able to offset 266 flights from London to New-York each year. – (Approximately 266 Tonnes of Co2)

The offshore unit has the advantage of only requiring a small cable to be laid to shore; ideal for sensitive areas.

Fire and forget…

Share the investment with your neighbour to spread costs!

Partner with a Co2 offsetting project to share the cost of risk of hose installation and maintenance.

You can continue with what you do normally or work out what you want to do with the extra cash you have pouring in.

Am I eligible?

For £450 - we can check your sites eligibility in detail.


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