The future of base load clean energy; low cost, clean power, day and night. 

Suitable for mass production on Continental scales.


What’s so great about NEW-OTEC?

NEW-OTEC is interesting because the anticipated cost is noticeably lower than other Energy-Sources.
What’s more?  The nutrient rich waste of this technology can sustain Plankton which absorb Co2, reducing Atmospheric Co2 levels!

NEW-OTEC has one main component which is a power unit.  The same unit is useable throughout the modular NEW-OTEC range; therefore, a short R and D path is possible.  A whole range of platform sizes of both on and offshore variants can be possible without changing the fundamental design very much at all.

The power unit is small enough to fit on a small sized boat, lowering the cost of ancillary tools.  All of the main parts can be housed in the unit meaning that maintenance can be simple even though the offshore system can be kept underwater.  Each unit can be retrieved from its slot in the system and be serviced on a boat at the sea surface without affecting the remainder of the system.

Keeping the system underwater can reduce the amount of energy required to collect the warm and cold sea water, and it can reduce the forces on the platform over time; this can probably lower O and M costs and would reduce mooring costs.  Traditional OTEC platform designers maintained that 50 % of their capital requirement came from the surface platform, there does not seem to be any such issue with the submerged system.

Believe it or not the deep sea cold water is heavier than the surface water because of its temperature; waste deep sea cold water can be used to drive the turbo pump and the left over mass difference can help balance out masses on the upside and down side of the cold water delivery system, this helps to improve the efficiency of the system which is vital for OTEC to work well.

On the same note the warm inlet has no extra pipe nor is there a mixed water discharge pipe, this keeps the design simple, and lowers stresses on the system which must be calculated and stress in the design room, bank account and warehouse.

Both warm and cold water can be vented at the exact temperature of the surrounding sea water which can mean that NEW-OTEC can be located in sensitive areas such as in the approximate vicinity of the Great-Barrier-Reef or near the famous Coral-Walls of the Caribbean; existing OTEC systems might cause considerable alarm or are already forbidden in such areas presently.

The OTEC units are as cheap as chips! 

NEW-OTEC units use small, mass produced parts, therefore, the parts are well priced, very low cost considering the potential value of the energy they produce and they’re small so easy to transport.  The NEW-OTEC Unit parts are state of the art.  The units can make a rapid return on investment.


Wave forces and the cost of Ocean Technology.

Below the surface, wave forces are tiny, therefore the costs associated with this offshore technology can drop.

Lower forces mean lower costs because low cost moorings are useable.  Traditional Anchors and Clump Weights are easy to use and inherently low cost.
NEW-OTEC Mooring, Transport, and Construction Costs can be Second to None.


Powerful, proven technology that can knock the Wind out of Global Warming. 

The product range is mass producible in phenomenal quantities and is quite ready to be installed at a rate comparable with Wind Turbines.  We can replace Fossil Fuels with competitively priced, constant clean energy.  We can also provide leavers of the oil and gas industry with similar Jobs.

Having a warm and cold water inlet and outlet means no mixed water discharge.  No mixed water discharge and no contamination of the surface layer with ‘polluting’ nutrient rich cold water also means ‘thermal pollution’ is controllable to a highly responsible and sustainable level.  There are upsides and downsides to releasing cold water at the sea surface, but not doing so can arguably increase the number of OTEC plants considerably, adding $Trillions to the potential market size and preventing a possible future down turn where OTEC becomes an environmental villain because releasing too much cold water can lead to unwanted amounts of global cooling even an Ice-Age!

The option remains to allow Deep-sea-cold-water to be released at the Sea-Surface.  Releasing cold water is arguably worth doing for several reasons; the main reason being that OTEC can reverse Global warming for two main reasons.

Firstly, Deep-sea-cold-water encourages Phytoplankton populations to grow.  Phytoplankton can absorb CO2 just like Trees!  After all Phytoplankton are a kind of plant.  Plankton growth can also increase fish populations to increase, this is possible in areas of the Ocean which are more like deserts presently.

Secondly, Deep Ocean Water can cause the Polar ice sheets to return to their old state by cooling the Warm Ocean Currents which enter the Poles. Because Warm water carries far more heat to the Ice of the Poles than Air, the process of cooling this Warm Polar Water would prevent Ice from melting due to Warm Ocean Currents. Polar water reaches 15 Degrees C. in the Summer! Cooling the Warm Current protects the Sea-Ice from the Heat of the Water and restore the Polar Sea-Ice! Sea-ice provides an Albedo effect. The Albedo effect provides cooling effects by reflecting sunlight back into Space.

Releasing deep ocean water can also slow Ocean acidification, because deep sea cold water is ancient and therefore has lower levels of Co2 within it, apparently fish also absorb Co2 when they drink water so increasing fish populations would also help absorb Co2.

Deep Ocean Water is also able to reduce the power of Hurricanes in the Tropics by cooling the Sea surface.  Because the cool water takes heat out of the Wind, the speed of the Wind can decrease.  It is the relative warmth of the air that determines how fast a Hurricane can travel.

A new Golden-Age?

With all these highly sensitive and critically important details accounted for, NEW-OTEC is ready for Institutional investment and end users all over the World.  Because mistakes of the past can create new disciplines, we are able to be far more responsible in the Future.  Because this Industry can begin with the equivalent of highly advanced Carbon Capture systems, the Industry can have a minimal effect on the Environment.

Spin off organisations are ready to research, develop and monitor the effects of Deep ocean water.  Individuals can negate their own Co2 emissions by sponsoring organisations such as SEA-TREE and SEA-TREE can sponsor NEW-OTEC.  The larger platforms on this page can release enough cold water to be equivalent to planting 20,000 to 200,000 Trees.  This NEW-OTEC system is on a level of technological value far greater than any ever seen before!


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