The future of baseload clean energy; low cost, clean power, day, and night. 

Suitable for mass production on Continental scales.


The OTEC units are as cheap as chips! 

NEW-OTEC units use small, mass produced parts, therefore, the parts are well priced.


Wave forces and the cost of Ocean Technology.

Below the surface wave forces are tiny, therefore the costs associated with this offshore technology can drop.


Powerful, proven technology that can knock the wind out of Global Warming. 

The product range is mass-producible in phenomenal quantities and is  ready to be installed at a rate comparable with Wind Turbines.  Therefore, we can replace Fossil Fuels with competitively priced, constant clean energy and we can provide leavers of the oil and gas industry with similar Jobs.

Releasing the deep-sea cold water has benefits.

The option remains to allow Deep-sea-cold-water to be released at the Sea-Surface.  Releasing cold water is arguably worth doing for several reasons; the main reason being that deep-sea cold water can reverse Global warming.
Deep-sea-cold-water encourages Phytoplankton populations to grow and  Phytoplankton can absorb CO2 just like Trees!
Deep Ocean Water can cause the Polar ice sheets to return to their old state by cooling the Warm Ocean Currents that enter the Poles.
Because Warm water carries far more heat to the Ice of the Poles than Air, cooling this Warm Current Water that enters the Poles can prevent Ice from melting due to Warm Ocean Currents.
Ice reflects sunlight so increasing the amount of ice at the Poles can help cool the planet.
Releasing deep ocean water can also slow Ocean acidification.  Deep-sea cold water is ancient it therefore has lower levels of Co2 within it.

A new Golden-Age?

OTEC and deep-sea cold water have everything we need to reverse global warming, but there must be ways of developing it responsibly or we can make the situation even worse.
However, with all the highly sensitive and critically important details accounted for, NEW-OTEC is ready for Institutional investors and end users all over the World.
Spin-off organizations like the Deep-sea cold water research and development initiative can research, develop, and monitor the effects of Deep ocean water release.  Individuals can offset their Co2 and thermal emissions using their service.

Using New-otec sites to offset Co2 and thermal pollution can make new-otec affordable for the less advantaged by sharing costs.  The largest 22 MW platforms release enough cold water to offset 46,000 tonnes of Co2 per year.  The average tree takes a century to offset 1 tonne.  The anticipated revenues from this offsetting symbiosis can cover the entire cost of hose installation and maintenance.

Practically every last United Nations sustainable development goal can be achieved using this system.
This NEW-OTEC system is the best choice for the environment and for energy security.  What other system can absorb Co2, is cheap, and can provide constant clean energy?


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