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If you don’t know the first thing about OTEC or SWAC and would like to know if your site is eligible then choose this product.  Perhaps your company has a command and control system which means you can’t just buy an OTEC system.  We will walk you through the process of buying an OTEC or SWAC system so that the purchase can be a responsible one.  We can provide you with the necessary documents so that the purchase of an OTEC or SWAC system can be ‘actioned’ according to a corporate system.  Of course, we will tell you if there is no chance of OTEC or SWAC working for free, just tell us your site location.





The findings of this study will be summarized in a tailored document for your records so that the purchase of a unit can be actioned responsibly.  We will include the following in our report:
A detailed OTEC and SWAC presentation including an overview of the applicability of SWAC and OTEC in your area.
A fundamental feasibility confirmation of SWAC and OTEC technology in your location.
What else could you do with the Deep sea cold water?
A questionnaire to help you create a clear picture of your individual situation
A next steps recommendation, for example; ‘Your site is 5 km from the OTEC resource.  Therefore, it is suitable for our offshore OTEC unit.  We propose, that the next step should be an, ‘Offshore site survey”.
A site specific commentary, highlighting your locations most obvious strong and weak points, and how best to exploit your sites potential.
A love thy neighbour discount questionnaire and report.  Here, we consider your neighbours OTEC and SWAC assets and your relationship with them.  This collective approach radically changes the cost of operation and maintenance and eliminates the need to be concerned about the long-term vulnerability of your OTEC and SWAC assets.


Besides the obvious questions, like: How much energy to you use?  What is your budget?  Your local knowledge is one of your greatest assets.  The best way to set up new-otec and SWAC will be found with your knowledge assets.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you know.

Is there a sandy bottom nearby?  Could we set up across the estuary?  Is there a sheltered beach 2 Km away?  How do you transport heavy goods?

Please be prepared to answer these questions.

Love thy neighbour discounts;

This is when our product and services get very interesting.  New -otec is suitable for hundreds of locations where traditional OTEC was not.  Even if your neighbour is 20 km away from deep water NEW-OTEC can be made to work for them.  Referral from you would reduce your rates.  With your help in no time locations like the Maldives could have integrated day to day Utility style service.

Rates would be competitive with continental house-hold prices.

Rest assured; 

Experts in every field from survey to O and M.

State of the art equipment and knowledge.

Experienced teams with unrivalled experience: Rolls-Royce, Costa Concordia, Cruz Atcheson (DNV-GL,) Common heritage.

These are big names in the relevant industry.

Our collective experience is second to none.

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