1-day eligibility check


If you don’t know the first thing about OTEC or SWAC and would like to know if your site is eligible then choose this product.  Perhaps your company has a command and control system which means you can’t just buy an OTEC system.  We will walk you through the process of buying an OTEC or SWAC system so that the purchase can be a responsible one.  We can provide you with the necessary documents so that the purchase of an OTEC or SWAC system can be ‘actioned’ according to a corporate system.  Of course, we will tell you if there is no chance of OTEC or SWAC working for free, just tell us your site location.





The findings of this study will be summarized in a tailored document for your records.
If you can tell us how much energy you use then we can tell you how much you can save.

We will create a presentation for your records that can include:
A fundamental feasibility confirmation of SWAC and OTEC technology in your location.
The three main factors are water depth, distance from shore, and the water temperature.
A detailed OTEC and SWAC presentation including an overview of the applicability of SWAC and OTEC in your area.
What else could you do with the Deep sea cold water?
What do you use electricity for and how much do you use?
How much of your energy consumption is for air conditioning, cooling, desalination, and entertainment?
How much energy do you use constantly and how much is intermittent?
We will provide a next steps recommendation, for example; ‘Your site is 5 km from the OTEC resource. Therefore, it is suitable for our offshore OTEC unit. We propose, that the next step should be an ‘Offshore site survey.’
Can you partner with your neighbour, and can you partner with a CO2 and thermal offsetting project? Doing so can drastically lower the cost and risk of incorporating SWAC and OTEC into your energy infrastructure.

With this report, you can feel confident about the next step and that due diligence has been exercised. We will have begun to build an exciting relationship with you that can ultimately lead to you saving a fortune and the environment.


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