Onshore site survey


Order a site survey to assess the feasibility of at least one Onshore unit at your location.

The net result will be our firm conviction of your sites eligibility, Y/N, and a detailed ‘action plan’.  You will know exactly how we plan to install the equipment and what’s involved. With your help we can tailor the installation around your concerns of customers, safety and logistics.




What’s included?

One site visit.  We’ll survey the area and look for the most obvious way to apply our technology and seek out snags that would hamper the installation of an OTEC or SWAC unit.
We’ll include a detailed questionnaire Including your power usage and cost and how much space do you have? Where is your preferred location for the OTEC system? Your local Geographical and logistical knowledge is a powerful asset.
How about Local Laws, site photos, site Maps, and when is High season and Low season? Do you close at all?
Basic physical analysis of the area.  Is there a Reef or sandy bottom or a river estuary or lagoon? How about Currents and Waves?

Neighbour discount questionnaire; you could save a fortune and have a larger system for less if you can set up with us and your neighbour because various aspects like transmission and water transport cost much less even on slightly larger scales. Do you have a neighbour and what is your relationship with them like? Can you work with them? Do you know of their energy needs?
Can you support a CO2 and thermal offsetting project? If you can you can at least share the cost and financial risk of the hose installation and maintenance.
This exercise will be documented for your records so that you can show that you have exercised due diligence and that you know exactly what we plan to do.


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