Onshore site survey


Order a site survey to assess the feasibility of at least one Onshore unit at your location.

The net result will be our firm conviction of your sites eligibility, Y/N, and a detailed ‘action plan’.  You will know exactly how we plan to install the equipment.




What’s included?

One site visit.  We will survey the area and look for the most obvious way to apply our technology and seek out snags which would hamper the installation of an OTEC or SWAC unit.
One dive on site with video to find suitable pathways for cables and hoses.  What is going on under the water at the shore line?
Questionnaire Including: Your power usage and cost – Your local knowledge – Local Laws – Site photos – High season – Low season – etc..
Basic physical analysis of the area.  Reef or sandy bottom?  River estuary or lagoon?
Research into local law and policy.
Love thy neighbour discount questionnaire; see below for more.


Besides the obvious questions such as:  How much energy to you use?  What is your budget?  Your local knowledge is one of your greatest assets.  The best way to set up new-otec and SWAC will be found with your knowledge assets.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you know.

Is there a sandy bottom nearby?  Could we set up across the estuary?  Is there a sheltered beach 2 Km away?  Do you have local connections?  How do you transport heavy goods?

Please be prepared to answer these questions.

Love thy neighbour discounts;

This is when our product and services get very interesting.  New -otec is suitable for hundreds of locations where traditional OTEC was not.  Even if your neighbour is 20 km away from deep water NEW-OTEC can be made to work for them.  Referral from you would reduce your rates.  With your help in no time locations like the Maldives could have integrated day to day Utility style service.

Rates would be competitive with continental house hold prices.


Rest assured; 

Experts in every field from survey to PR and operation and maintenance.

State of the art equipment and knowledge.

Experienced teams with unrivalled experience: Rolls-Royce, Costa Concordia, Cruz Atcheson (DNV-GL,) Common heritage.

These are big names in the relevant industry.

Our collective experience is second to none.


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