Site Survey

We can walk you through the process of buying from us.
One step is going to be assessing your site.
We can survey the area, and look for the most obvious way to apply our technology.

Do you want power, air-conditioning, and desalinated water?
Are you also interested in Co2 sequestration, Mari culture, or Thalassa?

If you would like power, then we will include a detailed questionnaire regarding your power usage, and its cost.
How much power do you want?  How much space do you have?  Do you have a micro-grid?  Is there a smart grid?  Do you have batteries?

Do you have any waste heat?
Waste heat can significantly improve the economics of an OTEC system.

If you want air-conditioning, we will need to consult with you about ducting, and how the air is going to be transferred from the heat exchangers.

We will ask questions about your site, and how it is run, and how you would like installation to go ahead.
Do you close at all?
When is the best time for you?
Is there a Reef or sandy bottom or a river estuary or lagoon?
How about currents and waves?
Are there any naturally sheltered areas when the installation would be protected?

Do you have a neighbour, and what is your relationship with them like?
If you could team up with your neighbour then you could save a fortune because various aspects like transmission, and water transport, cost much less per kW even on slightly larger scales.

What about Co2 offsetting?
Can you support a CO2 and thermal offsetting project?
If you can then you can at least share the cost, and financial risk of the hose installation, and maintenance with a Charity.


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