The turbo-pump and hose based deep sea cold water delivery system.

We wanted to find a way to make it possible to use hoses to deliver deep sea cold water.
The turbo-pump is just a water turbine, joined to a pump.

The turbine is the kind that would be used for hydroelectricity.  The turbine and pump can operate in deep seawater without any sophisticated measures.

The Turbo-pump is a wonderfully simple thing to produce; please visit our Facebook page or the carousel below to see how our MVP. is progressing,  and some of our own plans of what we are going to do with deep-sea cold water, hoses, and turbo-pumps.

  We demonstrated the ease with which 30 cm diameter hoses can be installed at Sea in a Budget Field Test.  The advantages were obvious; hoses are flexible and can be coiled.  They are easy to transport.  They are easy to install and recover.

Hoses can naturally find the most hydrodynamic position if they are allowed to.  They work particularly well underwater where the weight of the water is negated.  The fact that hoses can change shape makes them perfect for delivering deep sea cold water.


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