The offshore unit is ideal where distances to shore or planning restrictions make onshore developments less favourable.

We have found that distances to the OTEC resource of as much as 15 km are in-fact economically viable with 3 to 4 units.  This means that most islands in the Maldives, Caribbean, and Pacific, could use these units effectively.

The great advantage for these units is that they only require 750-1000 meters of hose. This hose is held vertically. Hose installation would be rapid and low cost which is paramount. The unit itself is held under the surface at a depth where the unit will be subjected to forces similar to those found in a car wash, even in large storms.

Only a handful of parts actually require waterproofing; the motor, inverter, and pumps for example.  The heat exchangers do not require any such measures.  Did you know that these parts are amazingly good value and low cost to replace?  One fantastic feature of OTEC technology is the applicability of state of the art parts which have become low cost through decades of R and D.  It is important to remember just how common these parts are when considering the purchase of an OTEC unit.

Groups of units would ideally be installed together providing more power, and a better return on the transmission investment, since transmission costs do not necessarily change with an increase in power.  The offshore unit has the advantage of only requiring a small cable to be laid to shore; ideal for sensitive areas.

With the right amount of participation these units can be made available in a heartbeat.
Be sure to get involved to secure your 24-7, zero fuel cost, future.

What am I buying?

One pair of heat exchangers.

One turbine, alternator, and casing.

One pair of 600 mm hoses, and couplings.

One turbo-pump.

A transmission system to shore.

A mooring system.

An optional operation and maintenance service.

What are the advantages?

No land required.

24-7 clean energy – no fuel cost.

High chance of site eligibility.

Shorter hose lengths.

Unlikely to be damaged in storms due to the submerged location.

Very low environmental impact.

Fire and forget…

Sign a lease agreement on 2 or more units.  We can take care of the rest.

You can work out what you want to do with the extra cash you’re going to have pouring in.

Am I eligible? -

For £450 - we can check your sites eligibility in detail.

Site survey -

For £7500 we can complete the groundwork required to create a detailed site specific plan.

This will include a site visit and Met ocean analysis.


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