NEW-OTEC - 24- 7 clean electricity.

Deep sea cold water air conditioning – Starting at £50,000 – 30 % deposit.

Ocean thermal energy conversion – Starting at £585,000 – 10 easy payments of £58,500

Lease offer on all products includes operation, maintenance and transmission – Starting at £1000 per kw per annum.

OTEC is a clean energy technology which is suitable for many locations throughout the world. The great advantage it has is 24-7 operation.
Traditional OTEC and SWAC designs depend on a pipe. The use of pipes on a small scale is not at all cost effective. Very large pipes are required for economy of scale and these require ‘Oil rigs’. ‘Such ‘Oil rigs’ cost $400 million minimum. Traditional OTEC plants have a $1billion price tag.
Some medium sized plants can compete with diesel in very remote locations due to the extremely high energy cost of running a small diesel generator in a remote location.  However, just one 300 mm SWAC pipe cost £5million to install.  Even a 200 kw OTEC unit would require 5 such pipes.  200 kw only produces £200k of electricity per annum.  Increasing the diameter of the pipe is meant to help, but that is not up to us…

Unlike pipe based cold water delivery there is no apparent issue with our approach, we have conducted field studies and created several turbo-pumps prototypes with no sign of any unforeseen snag.  Indeed, the pumps and turbine parts we easy to find and the pump designers were happy we could use off the shelf pump and turbine parts.

Many locations including entire countries such as the Maldives are remote and pay very high prices for their energy. Per research our new-otec system can provide a 75% saving and remain attractive to investors.

The NEW-OTEC product range is deployable on or offshore.

NEW-OTEC can be tailored to the requirements of any site; power, location etc.

Power can range from just 100kw up to 22 MW+ (22,000 people!) …

Whatever your thirst for 24/7 fuel-free green energy, we can quench it, and with very affordable payment options.

For Utilities, Resorts, Ports, Harbours, Yacht Clubs, etc.

Would you like to save money on your energy expenses?  We want to work with you to accomplish this.  If you can tell us how much energy you use, we can tell you how much you can save.  The savings compared with fossil fuel import as are much as 75% for electricity with leases.  The saving is even higher if a product is bought outright.  The savings for air cooling are as high as 90%.

Our NEW-OTEC system “follows” oil and gas. The parts are small, reliable, and state-of-the-art — it’s not new technology at all!  These qualities of OTEC are rarely mentioned. OTEC can be up to 1,000 times more spatially efficient than solar PV and it is five times more productive!

OTEC can be purchased with confidence.  Any end-user that runs oil and gas machines will surely welcome NEW-OTEC with excitement and the anticipation of familiarity, and therefore with confidence! Many utility staff would not even need to change disciplines.

For investors


What the investor may like to know is that the entire range uses the same power production unit; the product range is modular both on and offshore. With one single OTEC unit working, we can confidently assume that the power production unit for the entire range will operate successfully.

The parts, all of them, are as mass produce-able as McDonalds chips!

The parts are small, and easily transported.

The units are an ideal size for heat exchanger mass production. The remainder of the parts are also already mass produced. Our concept conveniently avoids a scaling problem associated with traditional OTEC, which is that larger-than-normal heat exchangers are required.

The OTEC units could be produced in phenomenal quantities, with various parts already produced on a scale comparable with the wind power global installation rate.

The offshore platforms are in the process of acquiring DNV GL verification with an elite marine standards specialist.


2 MW net. would create a $19 million company value if $170 per MW/hr was charged with a 90% capacity factor.

14 MW net. would create a $137 million company value if $170 per MW/hr was charged with a 90% capacity factor.

$500 MW/hr is presently charged in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the US Virgin Islands.

Leases would yield an instant saving of up to 75%.

Payback period for retail: 2–4 years.


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