New-otec is suitable for hundreds of locations where traditional OTEC was not.  Even if your neighbour is 20 km away from deep water NEW-OTEC can be made to work better if the installation is for you and them.  Referral from you would reduce your rates and theirs.  With your help, even locations like the Maldives could have integrated day to day Utility style service.
Rates would be competitive with continental house hold prices, if not lower!

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Basic eligibility check with love thy neighbour questionaire.


Onshore site survey;


Offshore site survey;


Lease with O and M service

We offer the following perks as standard:

Transmission cost included; depending on site eligibility
No cost on replacement parts
‘Next day’ repair service
Routine maintenance
Love thy neighbour discounts
Visits from Environmental scientists
Green PR reputation boost
ROV inspection

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