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Join our crowdfund to help provide a solution to many of the world’s most serious problems, from global warming to relieving poverty, and addressing food and water shortages.

Our primary goal is to provide a system that can be installed in sufficient quantities in a short space of time, to reduce the effect of global warming. We can do this because the NEW OTEC systems are anticipated to be so profitable. We suspect we can reach levels where we have record-breaking equity and incentive-based crowdfunds, especially once we reach bankable stages. With your help, we can do this.

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"NEW OTEC is unusual, because it suits philanthropic, incentive, and commercial equity-based crowdfunds."

Unlike other new green technologies, we are only a crowdfund or two away from commercialization of a sustainable technology that will make a significant and positive difference to the future of mankind.

You will fund world-class engineering

The planned engineering design work is guaranteed and refundable, using world-class services. The work will pave the way for a green revolution on continental scales. Using crowdfunding lessens the risk we are asking investors to take. Overcoming the problem of early stage risk is the biggest problem we will ever have to overcome: once this stage is passed, it will be downhill all the way.

Basic Incentives

Would you like to be recognized forever on a plaque, as one of the founding supporters?

Have you ever wanted to go scuba diving?

Are you a diving enthusiast who would love to dive on one of our offshore installations?

All of this will be taken care of in our crowdfund — except for riding great whites — but please pledge, follow, retweet, mention, and like to help ensure we are a success. Then you will be too!

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Design and build a commercial-scale NEW SWAC and NEW OTEC pump: £20k

Cash prize for higher pledges: you could win £1,000 with a pledge over £20!

We aim to use the services of a pump and turbine design company to produce state-of-the-art pump designs. This work is guaranteed.

We will produce an efficient pump, built to commercial standards and ready for sale.

The net effect would be that small-scale NEW SWAC installations would be 100% ready for sale with confidence. Revenue would be enough to produce working OTEC systems. 

We have received very kind contributions of £5,000 from Professor Salter, perhaps one of the most experienced engineers in his field in the world. £5,000 has kindly been lent by other shareholders.

Visit an OTEC country: £3,000

We would: meet with local officials, introduce the technology to the local utility, look for customers, and introduce the technology to the local population, enhancing the viability of crowdfunds due to the local relevance. Due to the local relevance of OTEC and high energy prices, the Caribbean will be a great place to crowdfund.

Given communities in the Caribbean are concentrated but isolated, we can approach a significant proportion of the population using traditional marketing methods, such as flyers and door-to-door work. We can also approach hotels and resorts for business.

Viral marketing campaign: £10k

Help us go viral!

Twitter Counter charge £1,000 for nearly 1 million impressions and marketing firms charge £5,000 for 500,000 emails. In the next few months we can find out what works and what doesn’t on a small scale, and then multiply.

Design and build a complete small-scale OTEC system, and showcase in the Caribbean: £500,000

This is our main short-term goal for crowdfunding. When we reach this level, we have 100% bankability and the technology will be eligible for VC and bank funding. This development will also lead to equity crowdfunds. It you get on the mailing list, you will be the first in line for this: anticipated returns for early investors are at least ten times the invested sum in five years.

If we reach £500k, the work will be undertaken by one of the UK’s most experienced engineers.

Make a pledge and you could win £25k!

180 kW units will look very similar in size and appearance to these skid-mounted heat exchangers.

Using the crowd lowers the risk to the individual, including the existing shareholders. We aim to produce a working system and sell energy to a Caribbean or Pacific utility. Prices in these regions are very high; we know we can offer a much better solution. We are counting on local support and our visits to the region to ensure we generate sufficient crowdfunding interest.

Pandemic marketing campaign: £100k

Help us start a pandemic!

Crowdfund your SWAC or OTEC system (coming soon)

Are you a hotel, school, airport, or government building? Using state-of-the-art crowdfunding software, we can host a crowdfunding platform. With our software, we can make it possible for suitable end users to use our site for crowdfunding ocean energy projects. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

Buy land in an OTEC country: £100k

Land plots are available in an ideal location for just £100,000. We could demonstrate all the cold water related technologies from here. We could also install the cold water delivery system for a low cost using volunteers, perhaps. With working systems of whatever kind being sold, the funds required for OTEC development are achievable and crowdfunding targets can drop.

Land-based Multi-MW OTEC: £2,500,000

Crowdfund us if you want to see hardware producing OTEC electricity.               

Our 14 MW land-based units are similar in size and appearance to these desalination units at Jebel Ali.

With hardware proven and working, it’s “McDonald’s” time, because our NEW OTEC systems are modular (x. no. of 180 kW units). This will make for epic incentive or equity based crowdfunds, so get involved to ensure this happens.

Conduct a MET OCEAN survey for offshore OTEC: £5,000

We would find the extent of forces and subsequent movement on a platform for a given location and mooring.

Design a 2 MW NEW OTEC platform to meet with DNV GL or ISO standards: £100k

The net result is an approved system ready for sale, per world-leading standards. This is also how a prototype would be deemed safe to invest in, if it was much more expensive than the standards; meeting the standards helps to bridge the gap in confidence.

The 2 MW platform could be sold with confidence to third parties, such as retail buyers, utilities, and equity investors.

Thanks for reading!

Please remember: when your pledges raise more than it cost to get them, we’ll interest VC investors. Investors love simple business, and converting marketing expenses into a gain on a small scale would encourage VC investors to help this enterprise go viral — so please show them you like us.


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