What's so great about offshore OTEC and NEW-OTEC?

  • Starting with the most obvious; the largest platforms we aim to sell may be valued in the hundreds of millions of GBP. or USD. each !
  • The platforms offer buyers a 4.5-year payback if not less because they provide constant power and have very affordable parts.
  • NEW-OTEC can beat the Banks because bank loans could be used to significantly grow a Business using NEW-OTEC products.
  • 24-7 operation means easy integration into the Grid as power production is constant.
  • Because there is a simple development pathway from single units to multi million £/$ platforms, the risk of failure is excitingly easy to manage.
  • NEW-OTEC platforms would use far less space than solar or wind power because the power units have higher power density.
  • These Platforms would be far more efficient than solar or wind power at putting an end to the widespread use of Fossil fuels.
  • OTEC is 100 % clean and can provide power to most of the world; therefore, the OTEC resource is worth Trillions of $.
  • Platforms can be used by private sites on land, therefore Data centres, Factories, Mines, and many other energy intensive industries could eviscerate energy costs associated with their Industry.

The OTEC units are as cheap as chips! 

OTEC units use mass produced parts, therefore they are very well priced.  The parts are state of the art.  The units themselves can hardly be any more promising in terms of the cost of the energy they produce because the parts are cheap, and they produce constant clean power.


Wave forces and the cost of Ocean Technology.

Below the surface, wave forces are tiny, therefore the costs associated with this offshore technology can drop.


What next for Offshore OTEC?

Let’s reach a stage where Banks are willing to lend Money.
We are excited because we are just a few sales or a meagre investment away from reaching a stage where professional investors will take notice.
OTEC uses mainstream technology, therefore we just need to buy parts from a few existing suppliers.

The problems we have solved.

Traditional OTEC is rumoured to require at least 100 MW to be cost effective.  The two main problems with the technology are the floating platform and the rigid deep-sea cold-water pipe; together these can make up over 50% of the cost of these old-fashioned Platforms.
Offshore OTEC designs can avoid the problems of the rigid deep-sea old water pipe and surface-platforms, therefore, we know we can slash the cost of OTEC.
Unlike the rigid pipe; the use of large diameter hoses at sea is well documented.

A summary of all things new:

No surface platform.
No rigid pipe.
No movement in storms.
A 50 % cost reduction in capital cost is anticipated.
Suitable for development across a massive range of scales;
Platforms can be tailored for any size requirement.

Fantastic news !

The product range is mass producible in phenomenal quantities and quite ready to be installed at a rate comparable with wind turbines.
We can replace Fossil Fuels with competitively priced, constant clean energy, and provide leavers of the oil and gas industry with similar Jobs.
No mixed water discharge; means a cheaper design with less piping and no contamination of the surface layer with ‘polluting’ nutrient rich cold water.
The option remains; to allow deep-sea-cold-water to be released at the sea-surface; this action may certainly reduce the power of hurricanes, encourage marine life populations to grow and remove CO2 from the atmosphere in the process.
It may even be possible to cause the polar ice sheets to return to their old state, by cooling the worlds warm ocean currents.
Quite ready for Institutional investment and end users all over the World.

Help us reach the next stage in the evolution of this product by investing in the construction of a demo OTEC unit.

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