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What’s so great about offshore OTEC and NEW-OTEC?

Located off the shore of every continent except Europe, is a clean-energy equivalent of the World’s Oil-fields.  The OTEC resource could provide power to most of the world; thus, it has a value of many trillions of pounds.

However, the distance of the resource from shore in many cases, is quite large; large enough to be prohibitive on a small scale.  Large scale OTEC platforms are notoriously expensive. Traditional OTEC was rumoured to require at least 100 MW to be cost effective.

Our NEW-OTEC platform is a simple and self-explanatory string of complementary innovations which are free from many of the traditional problems associated with OTEC.  We can massively reduce the size of the plant, whilst retaining a cost-effective product.

Summary of new-otec advantages.

  • No surface platform – 50 % immediate saving.
  • No movement in storms – Low cost mooring and reduced liability.
  • Easy to design modular platform – We need just £35,000 to complete a design.
  • Mass producible in phenomenal quantities – Ready to be installed at a rate comparable with wind turbines.
  • No mixed water discharge – A cheaper design with less piping and no contamination of the surface layer with ‘polluting’ nutrient rich cold water.
  • Easy to maintain modular system – maintenance can be undertaken with small vessels as each unit is small and parts are easily accessible.
  • Suitable for development across a massive range of scales – platforms can be tailored for any size requirement.

The OTEC units are as cheap as chips! 

The OTEC units use mass produced parts, as a result they are not expensive.  The OTEC units themselves could hardly be any more promising when compared with other sources of energy, especially fossil fuels, as there is no recurring fuel cost.

We're crying out for investment!

Invest in the fantastically simple new-otec development process.

Your investment can load the investment see-saw in our favour.

Business plans – Videos – Data mining – Demonstrations.

Any of these could lead to our big break and your return on investment.


Wave forces and the cost of OTEC.

Below the surface, wave forces are tiny.  The costs associated with OTEC can drop.


Met. Ocean Wave assessment.

An ideal depth can be calculated using met. ocean data which would provide insight into the typical wave forces in the area.  With assistance from Cruz Atcheson we can provide this service for just £5000.  Not all marine engineering must cost the earth, be sure you have the right facts before dismissing a development in your area.

What next for Offshore OTEC and NEW-OTEC?

  • The development process for this technology Is fantastically simple.  The OTEC unit would preferably be sold as single units first to gain performance data.
  • Then we can know the exact size of the unit and we can test the OTEC unit integrity and operational capabilities prior to any large investment.
  • These platforms can then be designed to well-known offshore oil and gas standards with the assistance of Cruz Atcheson.
  • Installation of hoses and a platform could be conducted without OTEC units for a very low cost and subsystems could be tested.
  • The business can scale up from the sale of SWAC and single OTEC units.

NEW-OTEC can follow offshore oil and gas design standards.

Get in touch to take a look at our preliminary standards review by Cruz-Atcheson.

Help us reach the next stage in the evolution of this product by investing in the construction of a demo OTEC unit.

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