What’s so great about offshore OTEC and NEW-OTEC?

Located off the shore of every continent except Europe is a clean-energy equivalent of an Oil-field.  Offshore OTEC is 100 % clean and can provide power to most of the world.  The offshore OTEC resource is worth Trillions of $ so should appeal to big-time investors.

Traditional OTEC is rumoured to require at least 100 MW to be cost effective.  The two main problems are the floating surface platform and the rigid deep sea cold water pipe, together these can make up over 50% of the cost of OTEC.

Field tests showed that hoses are cheap to use.  Since hoses are low cost, we should try to make a platform which remains low cost.

Offshore OTEC designs can avoid the problems of rigid deep sea cold water pipes and surface platforms, therefore, we know we can cut the cost of OTEC by 50%.  Expensive building requirements and risky tasks can be completely avoided.  Now, we have an extremely competitive product which can be used all over the world.  We can use equipment which is mass produced in quantities that could really make a difference, quickly.  This is great news for those who hate fossil fuels and fear climate change.

We can provide low cost 100% clean energy to billions of people with costs that would appeal to investors as well as buyers.  We can transform economies all over the world, replacing expensive fossil fuels with low cost clean and consistent power.


Summary of new-otec advantages.

  • No surface platform – A 50 % cost reduction is anticipated.
  • No movement in storms – Low cost mooring and reduced liability.
  • Easy to design modular platform – We need just £35,000 to complete a design.
  • Mass producible in phenomenal quantities – Ready to be installed at a rate comparable with wind turbines.
  • No mixed water discharge – A cheaper design with less piping and no contamination of the surface layer with ‘polluting’ nutrient rich cold water.
  • Easy to maintain modular system – maintenance can be undertaken with small vessels as each unit is small and parts are easily accessible.
  • Suitable for development across a massive range of scales – platforms can be tailored for any size requirement.

The OTEC units are as cheap as chips! 

OTEC units use mass produced parts, these are state of the art low cost parts which are very well priced.  The OTEC units themselves could hardly be any more promising in terms of the cost of energy they produce.  This is especially true when compared with fossil fuels because of the recurring fuel cost.  OTEC uses the same technology, but has no fuel cost!


Wave forces and the cost of OTEC.

Below the surface, wave forces are tiny.  The costs associated with OTEC can drop.


What next for Offshore OTEC and NEW-OTEC?

  • We aim to reach a stage where banks are willing to lend money with just a few simple steps.
  • We can install OTEC units on a small scale and use the revenue from these to grow.
  • We can then scale up organically.
  • Since OTEC uses mainstream technology, we just need to buy parts from a few existing suppliers.

Help us reach the next stage in the evolution of this product by investing in the construction of a demo OTEC unit.

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